Everyone’s definition of a “hot rod” is different. At The Hot Rod Shop, we perform upgrades based off of each individual customer’s needs. Whether that’s a minor modification or an all-out custom vehicle, we recognize that a “hot rod” is different for everyone and implement that philosophy into our business. From daily driver to Sunday show car, we hope to work with you on any of the projects you bring us!

The products that we offer reflect our dedication to providing quality performance parts and upgrades. We have done our research and stand behind the products we offer. We believe that our customer’s satisfaction is more important than just turning out a profit by selling poor quality parts.

Let us help you with your custom suspension work, including (but never limited to!): airbags, static drops, suspension lifts, disc brake upgrades, custom frame work, superchargers, turbos, headers, exhaust and cooling system upgrades.

We’re not here to take your money and get you in and out the door in a hurry. We’re going to take the time and build it right. Doing things the right way might not always be the cheapest but we can guarantee that the quality of the work will reflect the money spent.